Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I take guests into the club?

A max of 2 guests per member per day may use the sports facilities. Guests are limited to 2 visits per month, & a charge of £10.00 per adult & £5.00 per child applies.

When does student/junior membership apply?

Children aged 18 & over may apply for student membership which permits the use of the sports, outdoor & clubhouse facilities. All without adult supervision. Junior membership is for children aged 12 & over.

Must I take my Membership Card on each visit & how does it work?

Your Membership Card gains you entry to the Sports Complex. So yes, you must bring it on each visit. You can also credit your Membership Card with funds (i.e.) £50.00 & then use it around the Club acting as a debit card

Can I let my son/daughter use the driving range on their own?

Children under the age of 16 are prohibited from using or being on the range unless accompanied by an adult member, with the consent of the golf profressional, or with a current handicap certificate which must be shown.

Can my children use the golf course?

Children of members will only be allowed to play in the company of an adult. Junior members will be allowed to play unaccompanied if they are over 16 and have a competency certificate.

Who owns the club?

YOU DO!! Once you pay your membership fees you become a shareholder of the Club.