Your Staff and Management Committee

Club Director: Robin Caldwell

HR Manager: Helen Sutherland

Membership Co-Ordinator: Helen Bouhnassa

Sports Manager: Sharon Russell

Sports Complex Supervisors: Gail Moon, Karen Hennigan,

Events Co-Ordinators; Catriona Allan, Kay Darbyshire

Lodge Supervisors: Maggie Lim, Harry Irvine, Catriona Allan, Alison Page

Head Chef: Allan Learmouth, Second Chef: Gregor Wood

Hair and Beauty Manager: Cath Guyan,

Creche Staff: Stacey Buchan, Marie Concepcion,

Head Greenkeeper: Rob O’Donnell

Marketing Co-Ordinator: Nicky Caldwell

Accounts: Jo Leslie, Kay Darbyshire

Management Committee

Derek Gemmell (Chairman), David Anderson (Vice Chairman)

Susan Smith (Secretary),

Susan Urban, Louise Craig, Sarah Chew, Trevor Grose

The role of the Committee is to discuss and review the mid to long term strategy and planning of our Club. The Committee are all members who have a vested interest in the Club, but don’t have all the ideas, so we also invite you, the member to keep in touch with your Management Committee at the following email address should you wish to raise any items at the next meeting;