We are a well established fun packed facility which has been running successfully since the early 1980’s. Situated across from the Sports Complex the Crèche comprises of three brightly coloured decorated rooms specially designed for specific age groups.

The Crèche is available for the children of parents who have a Family Membership.

Opening hours

Monday 9am - 1pm

Tuesday 9am - 1.30pm

Wednesday 9am - 1pm

Thursday 9am - 1.30pm

Friday 9am - 1.45pm.

Booking is essential by calling 01224 734747.

The aims of the Crèche:

To provide an active, happy, stimulating, safe and fun filled environment for children aged from birth to eight years.

To build positive relationships between adults and children encouraging mutual understanding and respect for people, the environment and cultural diversity.

To provide appropriate accomodation and resources for each age group.

To repsond quickly and positively to parents suggestions.

To provide a Crèche where the ethos is relaxed and friendly but professional.

To allow parents to enjoy the facilities offered by the Club in the knowledge their child is cared for by trained, experienced staff.