7 days for £7


  • 7 Days MUST be taken consecutively.
  • Price is per person - under 13 years go free.
  • Past members within the last 12 months of cancelling their membership are NOT eligible to take out 7 days for £7 membership.
  • Previous £7 for 7 day members may apply for this current offer however they will not be eligible to take out a further membership offer.
  • Between 13 years and 17 years MUST join with an adult.
  • The offer runs from 10th February – 10th March inclusive.
  • Trial members will not be eligible for online bookings.
  • Maximum of 30 families per week may take up the offer.
  • Photo ID is required.
  • Not eligible for any Yoga/Pilates/RPM (Wednesday 6.15pm & Saturday 8am) out with the 7 day free trial classes available.