GOING LIVE - Mon 8th Aug at 6.15am

GOING LIVE - Mon 8th Aug at 6.15am

Online Bookings are now available for Members! Once registered you will be able to book Adult & Kids Classes and Activities such as Golf Tee Times, Tennis, Racketball and Squash. To register and create an account, please visit: To register you will need your Membership Card Number, a valid email address, date of birth and a username of your choice. Instructions on how to register and create your account can be found in this email. Please note: All classes and activities may still be booked at Reception or by telephone on 01224 734747.
How to register

How to register

  • 1. Select Register, this will take you to the Create A New Account page.
  • 2. Specify a Username to use when you log on to your account. This will need to be a minimum of six characters.
  • 3. Specify and confirm your email address. This should be the email address we hold for you. If it differs, it will replace the email address we hold for you.
  • 4. Specify your Date Of Birth (if this does not match the DOB we hold for you, you will not be able to register so please check with Reception and we can update our records)
  • 5. Specify your Membership Card number (6 digit number displayed on the front of your Membership Card)
  • 6. Specify your security answer
  • 7. Select Register
  • 8. If your registration is successful, you will receive an activation email.
  • 9. Select the Activation Link in your email
  • 10. Your Username will already be populated
  • 11. Answer the security question
  • 12. Specify and confirm your password
  • 13. Select Activate
  • 14. Your account is now active and you can start making online bookings.
How to make an online booking

How to make an online booking

  • 1. You can book either an Activity (Tee Time, Squash/Racketball/Tennis Court) or a Class (Adults or Kids)
  • 2. From within the Search panel, select either Activities or Classes
  • 3. Select an Activity or Class
  • 4. Select the Date for your chosen Activity or Class
  • 5. Select the From time
  • 6. Select the To time
  • 7. Select Search
  • 8. Add your Activity or Class to your basket by selecting the corresponding basket icon
  • 9. Select another Activity or Class to add to your basket
  • 10. Read and accept our Terms and Conditions and select Checkout
  • 11. Select Confirm Booking
  • 12. A confirmation email will be sent you the email address that you registered with.
Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  • When can I book for classes/activities?
Individual Classes, Courts and Golf Tee Times can be booked up to 7 days in advance from 6.15am. Please be aware that bookings can only be made in person or by phone from 7am on Saturdays and Sundays. However, online bookings are available from 6.15am.
  • How do I know my booking has been made? Once you have fully completed the online booking process, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email, please contact Reception on 01224 734747.
  • Can I see the bookings I have made? Yes, select Account History and you will be able to see all of your bookings.
  • How do you know if I have attended a class? All Fitness Class attendees must sign the register (displayed outside each studio) prior to the Class start time, or the booking will be logged as failed to attend. Failure to attend or cancel a booking may result in the loss of advance booking rights.
  • How do I cancel my class/activity? Bookings made online cannot be cancelled online. Please telephone Reception to do this, giving as much notice as possible.
  • Is there a limit to the number of bookings that I can make? A maximum of 10 Classes/Activities can be booked per visit to our online bookings page. A maximum of 30 bookings (Classes/Activities or a combination of the two) can be booked per week.
  • How do I book my child(ren) into classes online? Any parent that would like to book their child(ren) into a class must create an account for that child. Members aged 12 years+ who have their Member card can register using their Card Number. If they are under the age of 12, please contact Reception who will provide you with their person number – you will be able to register their account using this number. Please see How To Register And Create Your Account.
  • I can select the Activity or Class that I want but why isn’t the time that I want listed? If your preferred time is not listed in your search results, then your Class is not available at that time or your Activity has already been booked for that time period.
Tennis bookings

Tennis bookings

PLEASE NOTE – Bookings for Tennis courts now open at 6.15am 7 days a week. This also applies to Squash/Racketball and Golf tee times.