Update - Member’s Database


It was a successful ‘launch’ weekend with over 800 cards being issued so thank you for coming along. If you did not manage to visit the Club over the weekend you can still obtain your card from the Sports Complex Reception Desk. All we require is a photo which will be taken for you.

For those of you that had your picture taken but were unable to collect your card, the cards are now available fro collection from Reception. Thank you for your patience.

Due to this ‘step’ up in security, it is vitally important that you take your card to the Club on EACH visit. Access without the card may be denied. Guests will continue to sign in at Reception and will be given a security code for access.

The membership card is active for payments for guest fees, Creche and Hair & Beauty treatments. UNFORTUNATELY THE NEW CARD WILL NOT WORK IN THE LODGE FOR FOOD AND BEVERAGE PURCHASES UNTIL THE END OF JULY WHEN THE NEW EPOS SYSTEM IS INSTALLED. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but our partners XN Leisure strongly recommended a phased installation of the new software.

Once all our memberships cards have been activated our second phase of taking online bookings for classes will be introduced. This booking system will work off our current Kippie Lodge website. Adult and Kids fitness classes, Squash, Tennis and Golf Course Tee Times will be available to book online. You will still be able to telephone the Club for such bookings if you wish. It is an exciting time at Kippie and value your patience during this period. However, if you would like to discuss any aspect of this new system please contact me on 01224 734747.

May 20th 2016

The installation of the Club’s new membership management software is progressing well. We plan a phased introduction of the new software.

On 8th June the first phase will be introduced. This initial phase will see the introduction of the membership management database. New photo id membership cards will be issued to all members. In addition the new epos system for the Sports Complex and Hair and Beauty will be installed.

Approximately one month later the online booking system will go live. This will enable all members to book courts, golf tee times, adult and kids fitness classes online. For those who prefer, bookings can still be made by phone or at the Reception desk.

By the end of July a new epos system will be introduced in the Lodge. Finally, the text and email alerts module will be added by September. This will enable the Club to notifying individuals or groups simply and efficiently.

Over the last few months we have been asking all members to make sure the details we hold on them is accurate and up to date. For the new systems to work well the information we hold, such as email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, date of birth, needs to be as accurate as possible. If you haven’t done so already please could you hand in the members details update form to Reception.

As part of the installation process we need to change over from membership key fobs to new membership cards. From 16th May it will not be possible to use your key fob to make any purchases in the Sports Complex or Lodge. All balances will be transferred onto the new membership card which will be issued from 8th June.

From 8th June the new membership card will be active for purchases in the Hair and Beauty suite. Unfortunately the new membership card will not work in the Lodge for Food and Beverage purchases until the end of July when the new epos system is installed. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but our partners XN Leisure strongly recommended a phased installation of the new software.

All new membership cards will be issued from the Reception desk at which time we will take your photo which will be printed on to your membership card. This will improve security at the Club. Membership cards will be issued upon your first visit to the Club after the ‘go live’ date of 8th June. This process will take a couple of minutes but we do anticipate that the Reception desk will be busy for a period of time.

A series of ‘card collection’ days will be announced in due course. At these times extra staff will be on hand to issue cards and provide information on the new system.

In addition prior to the launch of the online booking system staff will be on hand to help members set up their online accounts to enable use of the system. Further information regarding our online system will be provided in due course.

It’s an exciting time at the Club, the staff are receiving training on the software and will be available to answer any questions or queries on any aspect of the software.

Kind regards

Robin Caldwell

Club Director